Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nazi's too...

Bund Deutschen Madel jacket from the Rhineland section of Germany
Unfortunately, not only the righteous on the political spectrum chose to wear neckerchiefs. The red and red/black neckerchief may have been one of the symbols of the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War, at the same time the Italian fascists and German Nazi's adopted their own scarfs as part of their uniforms.
The Hitler Jugend wore black neckerchiefs; the boys this rough cotton version, while the girls of the Bund Deutscher Madel had the ultra-soft velvet-like doeskin version. 
Hitler Jugend Tunic With Neck Scarf, Whistle, and Streifendienst Sleeve-band
Interesting that many present-day anarchists, often finding their inspiration in the punk movement of the 1980's, choose to wear a solid black neckerchief as well...

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