Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Youth

No, the following article on is not from the pre-1990's Soviet Union, but this year's May. They are still around, the Red Youth with their trademark neckers.
The head of Russia's Communist Party congratulated about 3,000Moscow kids who signed up for the Pioneer Movement Sunday in a ceremony at Lenin's mausoleum.
Vladimir Zyuganov told the youngsters that donning the movement's trademark red neckerchief signified they had "taken on the responsibility of fulfilling the best traditions of our great Soviet nation."
"I congratulate you, thank you for this responsible step, and hope that you will, with honor, declare your loyalty to the red banner," Zyuganov said.
The new Pioneers responded by chanting movement slogans, laying flowers in honor of Lenin and posing for photos with Zyuganov.
Soviet youth at the door par art.crazedMay 19 was celebrated as Pioneer Day in the USSR, but is no longer an official holiday inRussia.

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